POP-CULTURE CALENDAR 2021 by Amanda Pagán


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Amanda Pagán is a visual artist. Visit her website for more. Here's what Amanda says about her cool calendar:

"I designed a weird and colorful calendar inspired by the constant virus-talk and decided to give it different personalities. This virus-talk, made me take a closer look at bacteria and cell-culture which led me to microbial art. In other terms this is art made by manipulating bacteria in petri dishes.
My designs were created with a compilation of found images collaged to create imaginary characters. I hope this calendar brings joy, sparks your imagination in your day-to-day and on any future lockdowns and it motivates you to create a new reality."


  • 7 x 7" (closed)
  • 7 x 14" (open)

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