Chaotic Good Necklace


Chaotic good, you know it when you see it. This is a FEELS X Sahiba production.

Necklaces are stainless steel and feature all vintage, and one-of-a-kind charms dating between the 1940s-1980s. This piece is adjustable and can be worn as a choker.

Most necklaces and earrings include: Antique glass flower beads, 80s metal enamel animal charms, one 1940s brass Empire State Building charm, one vintage red lamb, heart-shaped brass lockets, kooky animal brass animal charms from the 50s, and vintage Swarovski diamond rhinestone charms.

Each charm was hand-picked and arranged with love. These are incredibly limited and there is no restock of these unique items. You will have the only one of these in the wooooorrrrldddd! Neat.

Wear in good health.

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