Black Solidarity Presents - Dance Inna Delamare Avenue


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"During the 80's dancehall era a number of record producers claimed to be the real authentic sound of downtown Kingston but Ossie Thomas' Black Solidarity label, operating out of Delamare Avenue in the heart of the ghetto, was the real deal. "This was the start of the 70's when the political rivalry got heated between JLP and the PNP and the shots start fire....I said to myself if you're going die you're going die..from that me not scared of Kingston" Ossie Thompson. This album provides an insightful glimpse into life in these unforgiving Kingston neighbourhoods describing not only the poverty and desperation but also how at times, styles, fashions and the cathartic joys of music and the dancehall could transform this harsh environment into one of joyous celebration. It features U Roy, Early B, Linval Thompson, Little Kirk, Al Campbell and more."

Label: Black Solidarity

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