2nd Edition #6: “America (Angelic???!)”


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  • 2nd Edition Women’s sizing M

Limited edition "America, When Will You Be Angelic?" tees printed on carefully sourced vintage tees and sweatshirts. Each is one of a kind and signed by the artist Anna Fusco.  Allen Ginsberg’s poem America was written in 1956. It’s a piece that speaks precisely to that time, yet it remains one of the best odes to this country I’ve ever read.

10% of every sale is donated by FEELS to the Server's Workers Coalition to provide grocery stipends to people struggling in the industry with a highlight on undocumented workers.

Ginsberg reflects on America in a way that is both silly, sentimental and very serious. He’s angry at America and he’s confounded by its violence and its fear. While he is an outsider he also sees in himself all that this country is, for good and bad.

I’ve thought about this poem often as the pandemic has been ravaging our country. I’ve reflected how the light in all this darkness was the fact that mass shootings had stopped. We’ve been terrorizing ourselves with regular mass shooting for over 20 years and the uptick in recent years is enough to make one fearful of any gathering. So, that was it, we had a respite from this. And I thought of Ginsberg’s line: “America, when will you be angelic?” I thought of this over and over like a litany. So, it’s a hope, a prayer, that we can be better than we are.

I started envisioning this as a tee shirt and I knew exactly who to ask. See for yourself that @lordcowboy delivered. I’ve been drawn to this artist's script, her ideas, her angel wings and I was so happy that she was interested in the project. Anna’s work on our carefully sourced vintage tees and sweatshirts is now available in shop and very soon online with 10% of all sales from @feelsnyc going to the @serviceworkerscoalition. They were printed by Garry from NYC institution @abcnorio. We've got many colors and sizes small through 2XL.

Ginsberg ends his poem with this: “America I’m putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.” It’s what we all have to do. We can be angry, disappointed, and afraid but see in this country yourself-- it’s there. Let’s work.

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