Banana Bolt


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It's art + function in this extraordinarily fun piece. Made by artist, Ryan Patrick Martin, @slopflop, in collaboration with FEELS, this banana stand is for those for whom home design strikes best when paired with a little humor. Guaranteed to be the the most fun thing in your kitchen, and guaranteed to extend your bananas' life just a little longer.

Come see & feel this piece in shop and purchase now for a one-of-kind holiday gift. These pieces are handmade to order.

Banana bolts are handmade using concrete, paper pulp, epoxy clay, and acrylic paint. they can be used to elevate a bunch which helps keep it fresh and lively. Bananas seem to have an innate humor and playfulness to them and the sculpture’s form and color decisions were made to reflect that.

*Note, if you are local we can hand deliver this sculpture. Just choose the pick up option and we will work it out with you. Local in NYC only please.

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