CHUNKS: Heart Sunnies in Mermaid


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Try seeing Mermaid if you desire a spark of inspiration and creative expression. This teal or turquoise ranging color combines the throat and heart chakras. It combines the calming qualities of green and the cool flow of blue and may be used in invoking courage and strength or influence honest and positive communications. This color is associated with intuition and sensitivity. It can help calm the nerves and bring a sense of confidence. It is also said that the color could motivate us “to experience life to the fullest”. 

I developed and prototyped these frameless sunnies, starting out with the Classic Round style, after an inspired trip to Tokyo in 2014. Since then, I’ve been designing new shapes and colors! These babies have full UV 400 protection and come with a hard case. Made from naturally UV protected polycarbonate.

Made by CHUNKS, a woman, minority owned business in Seattle, WA committed to responsible manufacturing

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